Souls & Salvation – John 4:1-24

The Key to the City. I love the account of the Woman of Samaria in our reading today as it has so much to say to us as we seek to fulfil our mission. We see the extraordinary journey of revelation this lady experiences; the progression in the woman’s understanding of whom Jesus is:

  • When she first meets Jesus she simply calls him “a Jew” (v9)
  • As the conversation progresses she twice calls him “Sir” (v11&15)
  • Once He tells her a bit about her life she acknowledges Him as “a prophet” (v19)
  • Then He reveals to her that He is the Messiah (v25-26)
  • By the end of the encounter she and the whole city acknowledge Jesus as “the Saviour of the world” (v42)

It turns out that this woman with a sordid reputation held the key to her city coming to faith in Jesus. One ‘chance encounter’, one conversation, one life forever changed – one whole city won for Jesus. Wow!

Who knows what can happen with the next person you or I talk to about Jesus; they too may experience a similar revelation of whom Jesus is; and who knows, they may just hold the key to your City!

Prepared by Ps Brian Campbell
New Life International Church, Aberdeen