Church Planting in the UK – 1 CORINTHIANS 3

Prepared by Ps Tim Jack
National Leader, ACUK

The Book of Acts is a template for the church of all ages. Its story is of the spreading fire of the Gospel from Jerusalem, its point of initial ignition, to Asia and then on to Rome with Spain in prospect. The early believers caught God’s desire that all mankind hear the Gospel; his desire drove their intentional response. The Gospel turned sinners to saints and wherever there were saints gathered in like-minded life, learning and worship, there was an intention to share their faith with their fellow-citizens. That’s the church.

Today we pray for new churches to be planted all across the UK. In particular, we pray for:

  • Scott and Rachel Wellard, planting Rope Chapel in Liverpool
  • Ashish and Sarah Shinde planting in Birmingham
  • Adam and Fru Bird planting a Sunnyhill Church campus in Ferndown, Dorset

No doubt, others have a church in the womb of their spirit. Let’s pray for these to be birthed in coming days.

“Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God.”

William Carey