Gospel & Islamic Communities – Mark 3

Prepared by Ps Mark Chenery
Queensbury Life Church, Bradford

“…[Jesus] looked at those seated in a circle round him and said, ‘Here are my mother and my brothers!” (v34)

Praise God, the gospel is reaching vast numbers of Muslims around the world as faithful disciples share Jesus in Islamic cultures. What would it take for you to reach your Muslim neighbour?

PRAYER: it’s difficult to pray earnestly for someone you don’t have on your heart, so why not start by asking God to bring a Muslim into your life that you can love?

LOVE: your friend needs the Holy Spirit to fill their hearts with Jesus’ love. Muslims believe that Allah is merciful, compassionate and ‘loves forgiving’ but our God IS love!

FAMILY: Muslim converts face hostility from their own family, they need you & your church to take them in, to become brother & sister & mother! May God to enables us, in sharing the Gospel, to also share our lives.

WISDOM: do everything to understand culture & nothing to dilute Christ. Such a community changed by the gospel won’t resemble a European/African church, but it’s best placed to reach other Islamic communities.