Gospel & Jewish Communities – EPHESIANS 2

Prepared by Ps Tim Jack
National Leader, ACUK

In the Gospel, Christ joins in himself both Jews & Gentiles, breaking down the walls that divide, making a ‘new man’. The amazing power of the Gospel to change the unregenerate heart & connect to the life of the Father & His family through the Son.

Jesus, the Son of God, came to the children of Abraham, who roundly rejected him. He then embraced the Gentiles & promised that he would join Jew & Gentile by faith into one new body. So Jew & Gentile both find fulfilment in Christ. He is the Messiah to the Jew & the anointed Son to the Gentile.

Today we pray for Jews in Israel, the UK & Across the world to find their Messiah; that the eyes of their understanding will be opened to see the true identity of Jesus of Nazareth, their promised Messiah.

Pray that missionary agencies will have new impetus as their reach Jewish people.

Pray that the Lord will use the faithful testimony of ordinary Christians to witness to Christ, crucified & resurrected for people of every tongue, tribe, kindred, & nation.