Souls & Salvation – MATTHEW 9

Prepared by Ps Simon Taylor
Oakwood Church, Taunton

The Gospel is dynamite! It is the power of God for salvation. It is the only means of coming to God & nothing can dilute it of it’s life transforming power. May we never be ashamed of this amazing Gospel but let us daily embody & boldly proclaim this incredible good news.

The missional task before us is immense – without God it would be impossible! The needs are great, the problems widespread, the brokenness incalculable … & “the labourers are few”.

So what are we to do? Jesus calls us to pray (& to pray earnestly!) for the Lord of the harvest to “send out workers”. The harvest is far more ready that we often realise but there are insufficient labourers. So let’s make sure we’re counted amongst His workforce & realising that revivals always start with a passionate & prayerful cry for the lost, let us also pray:

  • That the Lord Himself would send out workers
  • That we might have a greater love for the lost
  • That we might have greater courage & confidence in sharing the Gospel
  • That we daily make & take every opportunity to share Jesus with those who don’t know Him