My Local Church – 1 Peter 5

Prepared by Tony Hodges
Smawthorne Community Church, Castleford

Reading through the story of Moses and his encounter with God, I’ve attempted to enter empathetically into his experience. Three things stand out to me:

  • Moses’ Reluctance. The challenge to wrestle with God’s purpose for his own life.
  • Moses’ Reliance. The call to depend upon God, for His presence & for His guidance.
  • Moses’ Resilience. Coping with frustration, caused by the people’s intransigence and reluctance to change.

Reading the accounts of the great and mighty things God did, it is truly amazing how He performed such miraculous works for this rebellious people. Imagine what could have been had the nation prayed for Moses instead of grumbling and complaining!

Today we can change the outcome of our own destiny through prayer. The apostle Paul encourages us to: “Pray without ceasing” & again he asks, “Brethren, pray for us” (1 Thessalonians 5:17 & 25)

Make it part of your daily routine to pray for the leaders in your local church. Pray also for your church family, it’s health & growth, and the missional impact on its surrounding community.