Prodigal Sons & Daughters – JOHN 21

Prepared by Ps Jason Ward
Hope Church, Penzance & Newlyn & Porthleven Community Church

Peter had good intentions. Most Jesus-followers operate & react to situations with good intentions. Yet Peter made a mistake, we often do. In the course of a day, living life, working hard, loving those around us we react to situations & sometimes we just get it wrong, I would say its normal.

Peter loved Jesus & to see him under threat led him to react by lopping off a persons ear. I get it, I fully understand. But Jesus had to correct him, to say “whooo stop it, that’s not the plan”. (John 18:10-11). It’s how we react to the correction that matters. The next thing we hear about Peter is that he denies his friendship with Jesus. In the emotion of it all Peter is all over the place, his best effort was wrong.

But God is good. When all seemed lost, Jesus found Peter & brought him back. He went to the root of it all by asking “do you love me”? The prodigious love of God more than makes up for our prodigious ability to get things wrong; you are going to be ok. Plus, Jesus can fix the consequences of our mistakes – after all, He fixed the ear back on!

Just get back to loving Jesus.