Certainty in the face of uncertainty!

These are days of so much political and economic uncertainty, yet as Christians we have complete certainty that no matter the out come of any general election, or of Brexit “we have a hope that is steadfast and certain”.

I love the song “Cornerstone”. It sums up so well the certainty of those who know Jesus as their Saviour, friend and King.

Life is full of issues, trials, obstacles and troubles, yet as Christians we can face them all in the sure and certain knowledge that Jesus is the cornerstone of our live; Immovable, unshakable and unstoppable.

The world around us might be rocking but we stand on solid ground. This is a great message of hope to those around us who are deeply troubled in these uncertain times. We’re not only the recipients of hope, “Christ in you the hope and glory”. Share the good news today, you know it works!

Ivan Parker

Senior Pastor

Sunday the 3rd

  • 09:30 Prayer meeting
  • 10:30 Alun Stephens – The power of going

Sunday the 10th

  • 10:30 Remembrance Sunday

Saturday the 16th

  • 14:30 V2020 World Horizons Cream Tea Fundraiser

Sunday the 17th

  • 09:30 Prayer meeting
  • 10:30 Alun Stephens & Dedication

Sunday the 24th

  • 09:30 Prayer meeting
  • 10:30 Lloyd Thomas – Who are you?
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